Spanish Lessons Groningen

Upper intermediate CEFR B2

Ramos Spanish Level 6

I have a good grasp of all the essential structures and can use them with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Although I have some language gaps and make some errors, I can communicate effectively and appropriately in most situations, including on unfamiliar topics. I am ready to learn more complex forms and more advanced vocabulary.

Themes/Lexical fields could include the following elements:


Cultural content:

Skills Work:

A wide range of possibilities, inc.: Entertainment, mass media, work, education, changes, cities, people, relationships, arts, politics, globalization ...

Talking about the past and personal anecdotes

Reported speech, ex: el dijo que te llamará

Expressing opinions and giving reasons

Expressing feelings and explaining why we feel that way

Making hypotheses about past events and giving explanations

Revision of previous levels

Second conditional sentences, ex: si me tocara la lotería ...

Future simple and future perfect

Past subjunctives

Pronouns, prepositions

Different clause types

Introduction of Spanish and Latin American cinema

Aspects of Latin personality

El día de los inocentes

Telling jokes

Refrains and proverbs

Oral and active practice


Written style

Orthography: accents

Course Duration and Group Size

The Spanish course includes 12 lessons of 1 ½ hours (maximum 6 students).


2 to 4 hours per week.


Tuition fee is € 270,- including registration fees and additional teaching materials, excluding books.


Please have a look on the schedule.


After consultation with the teacher the best method will be used according to your needs.

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"I took Spanish lessons with Ms Ramos for more than two years. She was the second teacher I had at Hanze University Groningen and straight away she started to help me improve my Spanish." read more...

"He tenido el placer de estudiar la lengua española durante dos años con la Señorita Ramos en la Universidad Hanze en Groningen. Gracias a su profesionalidad he adquirido un buen nivel y un buen manejo de la lengua, además no" read more...

"...haar sympathieke persoonlijkheid en passie voor haar moedertaal is erg aanstekelijk, wat je helpt om vooral door te zetten!" read more...