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Are you looking for a Spanish course for business?

Latin America is a developing business continent. The number of trade is steadily growing in relation with Europe. Does your company also plan to do business or invest in South America? Or do you want to set a corporate relationship with this continent? Follow the interactive Business Spanish course at Ramos Spaans!

Do you want to successfully communicate in a business environment? Then you need the Spanish language skills when it comes to business calls, meetings, presentations recruiting, writing reports, building your CV and cover letter. In this Business Spanish course for companies the language and culture are taught at an efficient level, which are tailored to your personal and corporate needs and expectations.

Business Spanish Course

Conducting business overseas is not just speaking the language but also knowing what is expected and what to expect. Cultural awareness is as vital in the business world as knowing the language. Spanish language skills are not enough for your business success, you still have to know how to deal with your business partners and cultural differences among the countries. Knowledge of cultural insight, such as customs, manners, and traditions is therefore crucial for any business in Latin America. Your (business) trip will be truly successful only if you are immersed in the culture, customs and manners of the country.

Course content for Business Spanish

Ramos Spaans can arrange bespoke Spanish tuition designed to target the specific needs of your business. A tailored approach means your tutor will work closely with you and your company and implement a course to meet your requirements.

Before embarking on tuition your language background will be assessed and specific goals which need to be achieved will be detailed. We will then draw up an action plan and advise on the intensity and duration of lessons. The curriculum and teaching plans are framed by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Ramos Spaans provides Business Spanish lessons which will help to improve your professional opportunities in Spain and Spanish American countries. The courses are run by experienced and qualified tutors of Latin American and Spanish descent. Would you like to improve your vocabulary? Or learn to write a business letter/proposal/report/or e-mail? With a Business Spanish course at Ramos Spaans, Spanish is feasible and fun!

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Your tutor

Our trainers are the key to our success and ensure that pupils get the most from their learning experience. All are native and qualified and have significant experience teaching all levels of Spanish. Tutors are not just selected for their teaching skills but also for their professionalism, flexibility and efficiency.

Spanish language can vary from region to region and we have trainers from both Spain and Latin American countries as well. No matter where your business ambitions lie, we are well placed to guide you through the cultural maze.

Are you looking for a Spanish course for businesses? Then is this Business Spanish course at Ramos Spaans for you. The Spanish course for companies is for anyone who wants to learn in an interactive way the language and culture.

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Spanish classes and culture is our expertise.Before the start of the course you (and your employees) will need to go through a personal interview with the course leader to determine the starting level, course objectives, and your preferences to set your Spanish Course Profile.

To sign up for a meeting, you can call us by phone:(050) 542 11 84 (evening between 19:00 and 22:00) or write an e-mail to (In July and August) send an e-mail to

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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"I took Spanish lessons with Ms Ramos for more than two years. She was the second teacher I had at Hanze University Groningen and straight away she started to help me improve my Spanish." read more...

"He tenido el placer de estudiar la lengua española durante dos años con la Señorita Ramos en la Universidad Hanze en Groningen. Gracias a su profesionalidad he adquirido un buen nivel y un buen manejo de la lengua, además no" read more...

"...haar sympathieke persoonlijkheid en passie voor haar moedertaal is erg aanstekelijk, wat je helpt om vooral door te zetten!" read more...